Your PC, fixed right.

Drop off your PC for repair

Desktop: $107 Laptop: $125 Lifecycle PC: FREE

Our experienced technicians have been the best since 1998. Diagnostics, malware infections, and many other services are covered under just one flat fee. Bring your PC to our store and recieve the highest quality repair with no gimmicks, just expert service.


Get Help in Our Customer Work ARea

Bench fee: $15 Lifecycle PC: FREE

Feeling adventurous? You can work on your PC yourself with step-by-step help from our experienced technicians in the Customer Work Area. It's only a one-time bench fee of $15 to get in; but show up early, it's popular.


stay home, we'll fix it from here

$20 per 15 Minutes Lifecycle: Discount*

CDO's Remote Tech Service can take care of your PC problems without you leaving the comfort of your home. No need to uproot your PC and drag it across town. All you need is an active high speed internet connection and we will take care of the rest.

Residential CDO Life Cycle customers get pay 1/2 price on Remote Technical Service for that respective CDO computer's life. - Due to the added complexity of many business environments, business Life Cycle PCs are not eligible for the 1/2 Price Discount on Remote Technical Service.